I miss you

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Hi, there!

It's been 4 months already. We don't talk with each other. Is it a long-term quarrel? Oh... I wish it were.

It's not.

It would be simpler if I were angry.

I'm not.

It would be cool If I want to kill you.

I don't.

Is anything wrong with me?

Yeah, it is.

I miss you.

Do I love you?

Now I'm not sure. I think I don't love you now. After your actions and words - I don't love you.

Why can't I let you go? I don't really need you now. I know I can live without you. It's no big deal.

Why damn do I really miss you!? You won't answer me. And I don't want to hear your answer. I'm afraid. I'm dreadfully afraid of you. Because deap inside smth is just frozen in the attempt to forget you.

There are some situations when I meet you. You are always in my way.

But now I'm too afraid to say "HI!". You also are not trying to say anything to me.

You decided we should break up because I'm breaking your world into pieces.

Am I really at fault?

No, I amnot.

In some case we're too different.
I know, I like your image in my mind. You're not at all as I expected. I know it. It's just an image. And I like it. Within the image there is a person whom I want to be in my life.

Do you really hate me so much?..

I'm trying to laugh, smile and live without you. Recently I too much speak with you in mind. I don't want it. I'm afraid that I won't be able to control myself and write you.

I want to forget you. But I don't want to be forgotten by you.

Let me smile and feel free...

Inside me there are ONLY these words:"I F**KINGLY MISS YOU, IDIOT!STOP BE SUCH A FOOL!"